After a rain in North Sikkim


Heavy rains on the night of 01 August caused massive landslides at several spots along North Sikkim Highway making commute to the north district even more tedious and unpredictable than it already was. Sections of roads have been lost on the Chungthang-Mangan axis as well as the Mangan-Dikchu stretch. The bridge at Rafong Khola and the road at Lanthey Khola, a few kilometers ahead of this spot, have been washed away.

BRO sources inform that while the Lanthey Khola blockage could be cleared in a couple of days, road restoration at Rafong Khola would take at least two weeks due to the extent of damage. Commuters are taking transshipment at this spot. Further, the road at Ambithang (between Mangan and Rang Rang leading to Dikchu and Gangtok) has also been washed away.

Fortunately, the Teesta Urja road from Sankalang to Singhik is clear. Also, the road from Sankalang to Phidang in Dzongu is also open, but only for light vehicles, as per information received from SDM, Dzongu. Commuters can use these two bypass routes to travel to the North district.