Tribal Rain’s debut album ‘Roka Yo Samay’ is a triumph

Lines between genres have never been more blurred than right now, especially in mainstream music. Experimentation with styles and the melding of musical approaches is to be commended, obviously; but authenticity with a unique output is something out of the ordinary. These charting mutations and variations have as much to do with our culture of instant gratification as they do with music going out-of-date more quickly – and what better band to stand tall at the lectern than the quartet Tribal Rain, whose unlikely combination of classical acoustic and modern metal has seen them become one of 2016’s best bands.

Long before Tribal Rain was selling out Sikkim’s venues and performing in Nepal, they could be found vying for people’s ears at open mic nights, or covering other artists’ song in fests and gigs. Those situations intensify one’s isolation, and have been known to break lesser souls, but as a building ground for aspiring songwriters, it’s a fertile arena for developing one’s ability to connect with the masses.

They were known for their debut song ‘Bhanai’ but after this album they will be known as the band that weaved magic with the melodious voice of their front man Rahul Rai combined with the hypnotizing guitar riffs and poetic songwriting. So, they should fare well under all the attention currently being heaped upon them. This is an album of genuine intent, full of poignant reflections on romance, hope, fear, the past, the present, and the future. It’s got heart. And that’s enough for starters.

Watch out for ‘Roka yo Samay’, the best song in the entire record. The entire album is up for sale in Sikkim’s music streaming website ’Cisum’