Registration of workers by Labor Department team at Singtam

Singtam, 12 Jun:

A team of officers from Labor Department conducted a renewal and registration process for new hires in shops and businesses as required under the Sikkim Shops and Establishment Acts here at the auditorium hall of Singtam Nagar Panchayat today.

“There is no change in the fee, penalties and other related procedures for the renewal and registration of workers, owners and newly listed owners of shops and other establishments this year irrespective of their location and numbers,” informed the officer on duty while speaking to SummitTimes.

One person had to pay a fine of Rs 2100 for failing to maintain proper records of the past two years.

"It is mandatory for all proprietors to renew and register the number of laborers hired for shops or other businesses every year. The proprietor who has been fined had been complaining and was dissatisfied by the penalty he has to pay. He should have read the rules and regulations,” added the officer on duty.

“When a person holds a license, he/she should make enquires related to the rules at the department's headquarter at Tadong but no one does it. This leads to misconceptions and doubts among the license holders. The department alone cannot implement or charge fee without proper information,” he clarified.

The renewal and registration process will continue till 13 June in Singtam.