Mangan, 01 Jul:

A training cum distribution of cardamom seedlings underMission Organic Value Chain Development- North East Region for Rarikward of Lingthem-Lingdem, Passindong-Saffo andTingvong Gram PanchayatUnits was organized by Horticulture and Cash Crop Development Department at Mantam, North Sikkim on 30 Jun.

The programme was attended by Chairperson Transport Department, PintshoNamgyalLepchaalong with HCCDD additional director, T. T. Lepcha, deputy director,SankarBhutia, Horticulture Inspector, N. K.Bhandari, panchayat and zilla members.

Additional Director (HCCDD), North in his address informed that 500hectares of land will be covered in Upper Dzonguand 50 lakh cardamom seedlings will be distributed under theMOVCD programme in the district. He also informed that the department is trying for proper market linkage for organic products and urged thebeneficiaries to produce more organic seedlings.

He further added that now the schemes are being brought under directbenefit transfer (DBT) system and benefits are being distributed asper the farmers trace net identification area registration process.

Similarly,training cum cardamom sapling distributionprogramme was organized by HCCDD for the beneficiaries of Toong-Naga,Singhik-Sentam and Ringhim-Nampatam GPUs and the saplings wereprovided by Cardamom Grower’s Nursery Cooperative Society under MOVCD.