Gangtok, 11 Jul:

Shortage in the supply of Sikkim Milk was reported in the capital today with people finding it difficult to get their daily supply of toned or high cream milk packets.

SummitTimes got in touch with the Managing Director of Sikkim Milk Union, Ragul K, who informed that due to road blockage along the Jorethang-Melli highway, regular supply of raw milk from the area was disrupted. As such, the production rate was low which is why the demand of milk in some areas of East District could not be met, he added.

Deputy General Manager, Vishal Tewari, said that supply is usually affected during monsoons as the milk procurement from various milk collection societies gets disrupted due to landslides and road blockage.

“The road blockage at the Jorethang-Melli stretch affected milk supply on Tuesday but we have managed to increase production by more than 70%,” Mr Tewari added.

On Tuesday, production of high cream milk was reduced by almost 10,000 litres compared to the daily production of around 39,000 litres including toned and high cream milk, he informed.

Milk supply in the South and West Districts of the State were not affected, he added.

“Gangtok specifically has a demand of around 17,000 litres of milk daily. On Tuesday the Union was able to supply only 7,000 litres. There was shortage of 10,000 litres including about 2,000 litres of toned milk and 8,000 litres of high cream milk. This supply is for the civilians and excludes the supply to the Defence,” said Mr Tewari.

He added that there is, on average 20-30%, lesser production during monsoon as the procurement of raw milk from villages and societies goes down due to various reasons.

The DGM has assured that there will be no shortage of milk if the road condition remains stable and the Union is working hard to provide continued service to the people of the state.