Neither the shooter nor the reason known thus far

Gangtok, 21 Jul:

A person was shot by as yet unidentified assailants here in the heart of the capital at around 8:30 p.m. Thursday night at Tharo Line, the stairs leading up from Lall Bazaar to MG Marg. The victim was shot in the thigh and is currently undergoing treatment at STNM Hospital here. Although he is out of danger, the incident is bound to send a shiver of worry through Sikkim’s collective spine, given what appears thus far to be a random act of violence, only, this time involving a gun.

Ajaz Shah, popular in the area as Munna, was on his way home from a nearby medical store at the time of the incident. The lane was largely deserted when someone shot him from the back. The bullet has shattered Mr Shah’s left thigh bone and he currently undergoing treatment the Orthopaedic ward of the STNM Hospital.

The victim is a businessman and has a shop at Tharo Line near Denzong cinema hall.

“I was on my way home from a medical store. I hear a bang which I now know was a gunshot. I blacked out for a moment when I felt something smash into my thigh. Somehow, I willed myself to stay conscious and called out to people passing by who brought me to the hospital,” Mr Shah shared with Summit Times.

He says that it was too dark for him to recognize the person who shot him.

“I could not see the person who shot me as it was dark. I just saw a shadow of a person move away from the general direction of where I think the bullet was fired from,” he said.

“I have no any idea who shot me or for what reason,” he said.

It is informed that the victim is currently out of danger, but the bullet has not been extracted from his leg due to lack of blood. It is informed that the operation to extract the bullet from the leg is scheduled for Tuesday.

Sadar Thana has registered a case under section 307 of the Indian Penal Code [Attempt to Murder] and section 27 of Arms Act 1959. The case is under investigation.