....must break the habit

When they started out in the early 2000s, Linkin Park's music captured the general angst and chaos that pervades our younger years.Their music provided a release for such emotions and made it a tad bit easier for the young to cope.

Just the knowledge that somebody else understands or feels the same way you do can be a powerful aid in the healing process. Songs and their lyrics can be interpreted in many ways and sadly one of the band's popular songs from the Meteora album,Breaking the habit, comes to mind today.

Many see the song as being about suicide and the words 'breaking the habit' conveying the surrender to one's demons; ending the suffering. There is no doubt that darkness and turmoil dominate the song's verses but the chorus could very well be interpreted as a breaking away from all that precedes it, breaking the habit as it were.

The band's frontman, Chester Bennington ended his life on Thursday. He was only 41.

According to news reports, Chester lost his battle against drug and alcohol addiction as well as depression.His death is a tragedy that urges us to look at substance abuse, mental illness and suicide afresh. In Sikkim's case, we must keep reminding ourselves that these are problems that exist. In the past 7 days, we have lost 7 lives to suicide. That's one life a day. Much has been said and written, little done. Sikkim needs to…must break the habit.