Condition of youth on fast-unto-death in Kalimpong worsening

Kalimpong, 28 Jul:

The condition of the three youth who are sitting on a fast-unto-death for Gorkhaland is deteriorating. Among the three, 42-year-old Ajit Roka’s condition is said to be more critical than the others. Today is the eighth day of the fast.

The District Magistrate along with the Sub Divisional Officer and other magistrates visited the spot and had a word with the family members and made an appeal for the trio to be admitted in hospital for treatment.

From drops in sugar level to blood pressure, now the trio is showing symptoms of kidney failure as they are not being able to pass urine.

District Medical Officer, Dr Ankan Simlangdi, who conducts regular check-ups of the trio from the administration’s side, said that the symptoms of kidney failure have been observed from the samples of urine and blood collected on Thursday.

The trio declined to give blood samples today.

“Kidneys will get damaged if there is continuing lack of water. They have been refusing to take water or medicines. We have been advising them to undergo treatment but they are not willing. In the worst case scenario, dialysis is the only option,” said Dr Simlangdi.

District Magistrate, Dr Viswanath, spoke to the trio saying that their condition is worsening and they need to go to the hospital immediately. However, Ajit Roka in return assured his family that there is nothing to worry about since whatever he is doing is for the aspirations of 1.5 crore Gorkhas residing in the country.

His wife also tried to convince her husband to take medical assistance but he refused.

“Don’t listen to him [DM]. I’m fine, you need to go home. If I withdraw from this fast, they will suppress us more,” said Mr Roka to his wife and mother.

Ajit Roka is a carpenter by profession and stays with his parents, two sisters, brother, wife along with a school going son and daughter.

Later, the DM briefly spoke to the reporters, “We are sending a medical team on a regular basis from the administration’s side. The team gave a suggestion of medical treatment in the morning today. We have asked them to go for a medical check-up and we have also approached their family to which they have agreed. And according to the medical team, the condition of two of the hunger strikers was very bad today, they require medication immediately.”

Meanwhile, vice president of Gorkha Janmukti Yuwa Morcha, central committee, Anil Lopchan, condemned the statement of the District Magistrate regarding the family of the trio agreeing to medical assistance.

“The statement which the DM gave is wrong and we condemn it. He is trying to bring down their willpower. He is working on the directions of the West Bengal government,” said Mr Lopchan.

Later, Geeta Baraily, Ajit Roka’s sister who is an active Gorkhaland supporter and an active member of Nari Morcha [women's wing of GJMM], said, “Ajit is my brother. He has been refusing treatment. The family members too are not forcing him to take medication. The DM said that the family has agreed to persuade those fasting but that is not true.”