Gangtok, 14 Aug:

“I entertain people who are going through a stressful day due to work or are simply bored. I use my magic tricks to take away their pain and troubles and to put smiles on their faces. When they smile and give encouraging comments, it absolutely makes my day,” says local magician-illusionist, Sam Prasad, now growing in popularity as ‘Sam, the Illusionist’.

Sam works at the High Court of Sikkim and devotes his spare time in learning illusion-magic tricks.

Hailing from Burtuk, the 24 year old performs his self-learned tricks on the streets after he logs out from office.

He kicked off his magician career by performing at functions and programmes. However, due to the lack of scope he stopped performing commercially.

“People have however now begun appreciating and enjoying magic to the fullest. I don't charge anything now. I perform tricks for free because my motivation is to entertain people. Knowing that more than 50,000 people have successfully watched my magic tricks through Facebook feels absolutely ecstatic,” he says.

Journey with magic, Sam says, began at the age of 15.

“One of my cousins gifted me a book on magic tricks and I was fully into it. I started doing tricks in front of my family and friends and now I do it in front of people,” he says.

According to Sam, people were not fans of his magic tricks earlier.

“They used to stare at me and most of them were critical of my talent. I think they took me for a crazy person,” he shares.

Things have started to change for Sam.

“People are more open now. They appreciate my tricks and I feel happy to make them feel happy,” he says.

Sam does not do card tricks.

“I perform my tricks on currency notes and other stuff. I think people are bored with card tricks. They are predictable,” Sam adds.

“My future strategy would be inventing more and more tricks in the days to come in a very innovative form. I want to upload it on Facebook and YouTube so that more people can see my tricks,” Sam answers when asked about his future plans.

A year ago, he had performed on stage during the winter festival held at Gangtok. He is now invited to programs and stage shows to show his tricks.

“Hopefully, people will be more accepting of other career options like this. Sikkim has so much more talent. It would be disappointing to see people make choices out of societal pressure and not follow their passion,” he adds.