Gangtok, 14 Aug:

Today, the world belongs to the consumer. Smartphone, online virtual assistants, digital databases have permeated every segment from retail to hospitality, and significantly so in travel. Established tech aggregators are the new in-thing in travel, and they have immensely facilitated travelers in planning out their trips. Ditching the old norms where ticketing, hotels, and local transport etc., needed to be booked from different agents, NE™ (previously known as NE Taxi) is all set to launch its renewed services on 15 Aug after more than three years of pilot run.

Started in 2013 by NERIST (North East Regional Institute of Science and Technology) alumnus, Rewaj Chettri, NE™ is North-East India’s most popular car aggregator to making reliable road transportation available and accessible all over North-East India for the thrill seeking travelers of the world. Apart from being the first ever aggregator company in Sikkim, the company earned Rewaj the title of ‘The Entrepreneur’ by Young Leaders Connect in 2016. One of the first aggregators focused on travel industry in India, NE™ serves as an aggregator to bridge the gap between cab drivers and commuters.

NE™ is now operating its service all over North-East India. It has its head office situated in Gangtok but its branches are located in Siliguri, Darjeeling, Guwahati, Shillong, Tawang and Kaziranga. It is one of the most widespread travel aggregator companies in North-East India.

NE™ partners with cab owners then puts these cars on rental through app based bookings. Basically, NE™ acts as a facilitator in providing cab-booking services by partnering with trained and skilled taxi drivers in the region and allowing them to render their service under it. Customers can book their cabs through the NE™ app. Only those drivers with valid trainings and permits duly authorized and verified by the authorities can sign up with NE™. The drivers get access to a driver mobile app on their smartphone once they register with NE™. This is done only after a thorough check of authenticity and conducting due diligence of commercial papers and personal papers of driver and operator.

North East ™ is also set to launch its mobile applications, one for the drivers and one for the customers both for iOS and Androids on 15 Aug. NE is using cutting edge technology that has the reach of the web to offer a native-app-like immersive customer experience which will provide both local and outstation travel solutions inventories, bookings and payments of a driver instated under the service and car booking in any region in the North-East India with ease.

Users can book a NE™ cab through the app across all categories and can also pay for their ride through online transactions, making the mobility experience seamless and convenient. The drivers on the other hand have a similar driver mobile app on their smart phones. The drivers can login to the NE™ application and accept requests for rides from customers.

“We are committed to our mission of becoming the world’s largest, North East India travel aggregator by offering our customers great value while at the same time inspiring, innovating and setting standards in customer service. We also aspire to bring forth the unexplored destinations of the region and make it globally accessible for traveling, excursions and holidaying,” says Founder of NE™, Rewaj Chettri.

NE™ has also collaborated with an NGO based in Meghalaya called Impulse NGO network, which deals with human trafficking, as a solid measure towards providing a safe and sound environment for tourists, but more than that, to keep a check on human trafficking in and around the region. An important aspect of this collaboration is the efficient use of technology where they will be sharing software that is in sync with the Impulse Case Info Centre (ICIC) and which will be installed with the NE™ app. Under this collaboration, the drivers will be given access to the software wherein an SOS button will be attached. The moment a driver or a passenger suspects any case of trafficking, they can utilize the SOS app that will then report the incident to the nearest police department or authority.

NE™ is pioneering the wheels of traveling in North East India and aims to develop the traveling industry to enable the tourism development to achieve its goal. Tourism is all about travel; and the role of travel aggregators like NE™ is vital.

“There are rainforest, savannah, waterfalls, attractions, national parks, and much more. A large part of the sector is undergoing development. Tourism cannot flourish without travel, which brings us to the idea of transportation as an inherent part of the tourism industry, and with the improvement of transportation tourism has also been elaborated,” Rewaj further adds.