Sikkimese see red over PC's 'troubled with insurgency' comment on Sikkim

Gangtok, 13 Sept:

“It’s troubled with insurgency” is what actress Priyanka Chopra said about Sikkim while talking about Pahuna, a Sikkimese Nepali film, in a recent interview to ET Canada. The film is produced by her and is due for release soon.

The film has already had its premiere in the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival [TIFF].

The Bollywood diva's comment has invited ire from Sikkimese on social media.

Former president-Sikkim University Students Association [SUSA], Patrush Lepcha, says, “Such high profile people should at least do prior research before they give any statements. Wrong statements will hit the sentiments of the people. Ignorance should be avoided.”

Director of the film, Pakhi Tyrewala, in a statement on Facebook said, “I am sure she will clarify but let’s not be in a hurry to get offended. This is one interview. She has given many where she has said amazing things about Sikkim.”

However, netizens of Sikkim seem to be in no mood to take such statements about Sikkim from a global star like Priyanka Chopra lightly.

“It is very insensible of a global icon like her to picture a peaceful state like Sikkim as a state troubled by insurgency. The world will get a very wrong notion about Sikkim. She should immediately take back her statement,” said Tenzing Lachenpa.

Similarly, columnist Dewakar Basnet shares, “The statement made by Priyanka Chopra on Sikkim is highly condemnable. It is indeed sad to see how she and her team have no idea of what Sikkim is all about and also are unaware that we are not only the safest state in the North Eastern part of India but also the entire country. She and her production house also have no idea that we are the country’s first Organic state and comparatively the cleanest state in India. Some homework had to be seriously done before speaking on an international platform.”

He further adds that this is a classic case of using sympathy to sell art.

He goes on to state that the Sikkim Government in all earnestness funded a large part of this project and she and her production house should apologize to the world about the comments.

While the actress has a huge fan following in the State, many of her fans have expressed dissatisfaction and disappointment with her statement.

Sagar Singh, an actor and a fan, states that while Priyanka is a uniquely talented individual with a global reach, such an uninformed comment was not expected from her.

He further says that the actress must apologise especially to her fans and admirers in Sikkim.

Her statement on Pahuna being the first ever Sikkimese movie has also not gone down too well.

Films like Jewel Thief and Romeo in Sikkim till the recent one Yaariyaan have been shot primarily in Sikkim.

However, this controversy should not affect the film in any way since many local talents have toiled hard in its production.