73 Zillas and 286 Wards in East, 07 Zillas and 90 Ward candidates in North, 07 Zillas and 135 Wards

Gangtok, 13 Oct (IPR):

In East district, the number of contesting candidates for Zilla Panchayat Territorial Constituencies is 73 while there are 286 candidates for the Gram Panchayat Wards. Today was the last date for withdrawal of nominations.

Allotment of symbols to all the contesting candidates commenced at 3 p.m. at District Administrative Centre, Sichey. Following this, a meeting with all the contesting candidates for Zilla Panchayat Territorial Constituencies and Gram Panchayat Wards with Returning Officer and Assistant Returning Officer was conducted wherein contesting candidates were given a briefing about the Model Code of Conduct which shall be in force during election process.

All the contesting candidates were requested to abide by the guidelines and of the model code of conduct and to ensure that the election be conducted in a free and fair manner. The details of the Sector Magistrates were also given to all the contesting candidates.

Further, the First Level Checking of Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) which are to be used in the upcoming General Election to Zilla Panchayat/Gram Panchayat Election is being carried out by Engineers deputed by State Election Commission. The commissioning of Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) for the Zilla Panchayat and the Gram Panchayat Wards will be conducted on 25 and 26 Oct respectively at Modern Secondary School, Tathangchen.

In North Sikkim, 07 out of 20 Zilla Panchayat Territorial Constituency candidates were declared uncontested today during the last day of withdrawal of nominations for elections to the Zilla Panchayat Territorial Constituencies and Gram Panchayat Wards at the office of the Returning Officer-North.

For 34 Wards of Kabi Lungchok, 21 candidates will go to poll uncontested while for 56 Wards of Dzongu, 47 candidates have been declared uncontested.

For 23 Wards of Lachen Mangan, 22 Panchayat Wards have been declared uncontested.

It is informed that no nominations have been received for one Ward in North Sikkim.

Seven Zilla Panchayats and 90 Gram Panchayats have been declared as duly elected to fill the seats of the Zilla Territorial Constituency and Gram Panchayat Wards respectively by the Returning Officer. The contesting candidates were allotted the symbols and Identity Cards and explained about the provisions relating to printing of pamphlets and banners.

In South district, 07 Zilla Territorial Constituency candidates were declared uncontested today on the last day of withdrawal of nominations for elections to the Zilla Panchayat Territorial Constituencies and Gram Panchayat Wards. Elections will be held for the remaining 21 Zilla TCs.

For the Gram Panchayat Wards, elections will be held for 135 Wards as candidates for 148 Wards were declared uncontested. All uncontested candidates belong to the Sikkim Democratic Front.

Under Sumbuk BAC, out of 33 Wards, 28 Wards were declared uncontested while in Sikkim BAC, out of 16 Wards, 08 are uncontested.

Under Temi BAC, out of 30 Wards, 05 were declared uncontested while under Rabong BAC, out of 44 Wards, 18 Wards are uncontested.

In Yangang BAC, out of 34 Wards, 07 Wards were declared uncontested and in Namchi BAC, out of 54 Ward, 41 Wards were uncontested.

Under Namthang BAC, out of 55 Wards, 31 Wards were declared uncontested.

With the deadline to withdraw nomination papers from the Panchayat polls scheduled for 03 Nov, West Sikkim saw a total number of 54 withdrawals of candidates today before the Panchayat Returning Officer [West] at District Administrative Centre in Rabdentse, West Sikkim.

Eight withdrawals of candidates in Zilla Territorial Constituencies and 46 candidate withdrawals for Wards were accepted by the competent authority. Five out of 31 Zilla TC will go to poll uncontested.

Nanda Kumar Manger from Karzi Mangnam Dhupi, Madhu Maya Kami from Khongri Labdang Tashiding, Tara Lepcha [Gurung] from Melli Rimbi, Dhan Kumari Kami from Dhargaon, Zoom and Devika Subba from Siktam Okhrey Territorial Constituencies were the uncontested candidates belonging to the Sikkim Democratic Front [SDF] party.

However, in the Panchayat Wards, 129 out of 348 Wards will go uncontested.

It was also confirmed today that Orange village ward under Siktam -Tikpur GPU did not receive any nomination papers. Bye-election will be called for this ward after the Panchayat elections are held for the rest of the state.

The Returning Officers have directed that the election agents’ form is to be duly filled in and brought to the DAC office. The allotment of symbols for the independent candidates has been finalized and distributed. The Identity Cards for the candidates and the Election Agents are to be collected from their respective Assistant Returning Officers at the earliest.