Sikkim People's Alliance to usher in new era in politics

Gangtok, 13 Dec:

A new political party, 'Sikkim People’s Alliance', has been formed and was unveiled today headed by MK Subba as its chief convenor. The announcement was made in a brief programme held at Ranipool today.

The party will take a modern nationalist approach towards preserving the distinct identity, culture and ethnicity of Sikkim and its people as enshrined in the Constitution of India through 371F, it is informed.

While addressing the gathering, the chief convenor, Mr Subba said that it has now come upon the first generation of Sikkimese Indians to discard the past and usher in a new political era.

SPA aims to provide positive socialism, create rational and ethical society for moral progress of humanity, create a secular and free thinking society, he said.

Mr Subba said that there has always been a lack of political will on the part of present and past regimes to secure the hopes and aspirations of Sikkimese people and Sikkimese identity as a whole.

SPA is for “courage, not complacency and leadership, not salesmanship”, he stated.

SPA president, Bhanu Pratap Rasaily said that SPA's primary objective is to establish a people’s party, and not a party that belongs to handful of sycophants whose sole objective is to rob the state and indulge in dirty caste based politics.

The programme was also addressed by Karan Silwal, a student representative and guest speakers, Biraj Adhikari and T N Dhakal.

The ad-hoc committee of the newly formed political party was also appointed with MK Subba as chief convenor, Bhanu Pratap Rasaily as president, Manish Raj Shrestha as vice president, Pema Leyda Sangderpa as general secretary, Peter Chettri as treasurer, Karan Silwal as convenor student affairs, Karma Yenten Chankapa as youth affairs convenor, Karma Tenpa as North District convenor, Dil Hang Subba as West District convenor and Ruben Subba as East District convenor.