Suva Pradhan resigns, loses vote of confidence as well

Kalimpong, 14 Dec:

After a long dispute in the Kalimpong civic body, Suva Pradhan finally resigned from the post of Chairperson today. The resignation came just before the vote of confidence, which also took place despite his resignation.

According to Mr Pradhan, the reason behind his resignation prior to the scheduled vote of confidence is to prevent further division within the civic body.

"You might come up with any conclusion about a vote of confidence but I could not see a family breaking down and being divided by politics, that’s why I resigned from the chairmanship before the vote," said Mr Pradhan.

Speaking to reporters in the Municipality office after resigning he said that he has not resigned from his post of ward commissioner and will continue to work with Councillors for the benefit of the town.

"There is always a team, and I am in the same team. It’s just that the captain of the team has changed, I will remain in the same team," said Mr Pradhan.

He had earlier firmly stood by his decision to contest the vote of confidence ever since he received the requisition from Binay-Anit faction of Councillors on 04 Dec. He had also resigned from Bimal faction of the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha on 02 Dec.

When asked he also said that he was not pressurized to resign by the administration and added that the Municipality should work independently, regardless of party affiliations.

However, the board has to accept his resignation first, after issuing a notice of three days, 7 days’ time will be given to the board to accept the resignation. Following this, in another 7 days, a new chairperson and vice chairperson will be chosen.

At the same time, the vote of confidence also took place wherein 20 out of 22 ward-commissioners voted for the removal of Mr Pradhan from the post of chairperson.

Clarifying on why the vote of confidence was held despite Mr Pradhan's resignation, the commissioner of ward number 3, Rabi Pradhan said, "He gave the resignation on his wish, however, within 7 days of acceptance he might come up with excuses like ‘resignation under pressure’ that’s why we thought of going for the vote."

On 20 Dec, a process of selecting the new chairperson will be conducted.

Vice chairperson of GTA, Anit Thapa, who was also present in the Municipality today said, "Sonam Yakha has been with us since day one and his forte is tourism, so we have thought of giving him the Tourism chairman’s post of the GTA, the process has started already."

He also proposed the names of Rabi Pradhan and Bhim Agrawal [councillor of ward number 9] for the post of vice chairperson (Agrawal was initially from TMC but switched to GJM during agitation).

Meanwhile, the municipality executive, Debyendu Shekhar Das has said, "Suva Pradhan tendered his resignation and the house will decide on whether it will be accepted within 7 days. Despite the resignation the councillors chose to continue with the process of removal of chairperson through the vote of confidence. If we see it in that way, the chairperson was removed by 20 ward councillors out of 22,"

Suva Pradhan will continue as chairperson till a new chairperson takes office.