BJP demands 27% reservation for OBCs in West Bengal

Kalimpong, 28 Dec:

Bharatiya Janata Party's OBC morcha has raised the demand of 27% reservation for OBC in West Bengal following a meeting held today at Marwad Palace. The meeting raised the demand of 27% reservation in State of West Bengal where now only 17% is reserved.

State OBC North Bengal convenor, Santosh Kumar Balo today alleged that despite the centre providing 27% reservation for OBC, West Bengal is only providing 17% reservation to OBCs.

A total of 174 communities are included in two groups of OBC but many communities with large population are still left out, he said.

He added BJP is committed for all round development of all communities but TMC government has divided Hindu and Muslims OBC, he alleged.

Today in the meeting, the attendees were briefed about the facilities enjoyed by OBCs along with their rights.

Meanwhile Darjeeling District BJP president, Manoj Dewan alleged that the state machinery is not allowing BJP to conduct meetings in the Hills and that only the Binay Tamang faction of GJM is being given the permission.