Will end SDF rule in 2019 says SPCC

Gangtok, 04 Jan:

"We will not tolerate any discrimination against the common people by either Bharatiya Janata Party or Sikkim Democratic Front. We will speak for our neighbor’s wellbeing [Darjeeling] if they need our help," said Sikkim Pradesh Congress Committee president, Bharat Basnet while addressing the media today at the SPCC office in 05th Mile.

“Since Sikkim is a peaceful State we want to work towards maintaining that peace,” he added.

Citing the example of the recent Assembly elections in Gujarat where incumbent Bharatiya Janata Party won with a reduced majority, following losses to the opposition Indian National Congress, Mr Basnet said that the people are now aware about BJP playing with their ‘rights and sentiments’.

Mr Basnet further said that he does not find any wrongs in pointing out that the State BJP and SDF parties are ‘discriminating the people by not working for the people but only for their own interest’.

The SPCC president went on to say that the party is working with likeminded people in bringing down the SDF led government in the next Assembly election in 2019.

Talking about the Gorkhaland movement where several people lost their lives, Mr Basnet said that SPCC feels ‘extremely sad’ about it.

He then criticized the Sikkim Government and the BJP led Central Government for staying silent on the matter and not sanctioning anything for the welfare of Gorkhalis.

Mr Basnet said that a team from SPCC is scheduled to visit its main headquarters in Delhi to place various issues of Sikkim in front of the national party heads.

He said that the party will also talk about the Gorkhaland issue during their visit. The team is scheduled to leave for Delhi in the second week of January.