Gangtok observes First International Straw-Free Day

Gangtok, 03 Feb:

Gangtok joined the world to celebrate the first ever International Straw-Free Day, an initiative to fight plastic pollution with societal change.

Where do we most often find ourselves wasting straws? Bars and restaurants are the top culprits.

It has become custom in the service industry to bring patrons drinks with plastic straws in them.

Waiters and bartenders aren’t trained to ask customers whether or not they would prefer a straw in their drink. They simply give it to you regardless of whether or not you’ll use it. And after you have left the bar these straws find their way straight to the garbage bin.

According to Zero Waste Himalaya volunteer, Animesh Gautam around 25 restaurants and cafes in Gangtok avoided using plastic straws today.

Highlighting about various aspects of not using straws he said that reducing plastic by not using straws will have a long term impact on the environment.

Talking about the implementation of a straw free business day, Bakers Cafe employee, Diwas Rai informed that the cafe produces ‘400-500 plastic straws daily’.

He also stressed that the cafe is now open to finding alternatives to plastic straws.

Volunteer Animesh Gautam added that the organization ‘Zero Waste Himalaya’ will also help restaurants in finding different alternatives to plastic like bamboo straw.

Further adding he said that stainless steel straw can also be a good option.

Highlighting Sikkim's eco tourism and eco friendly policies and environment, he expressed the need for more such initiatives so that citizens can take small steps at their own level.

The catastrophic impact of plastics not only cause land, water and air pollution but also caused landslides which is a common problem in the Himalayan state and neighbouring Darjeeling hills.

In order to promote a more vibrant and people centric movement that will promote sustainable way of life in the Himalayas, this team has started an online campaign with #skiptheshow.

Volunteer Animesh Gautam has thanked all the restaurants, pubs and cafes of the capital for taking part in the International plastic straw free day today.