In conversation with filmmaker Angel Tshering Lhamu…

Angel Tshering Lhamu, a resident of Gangtok, is an example of sheer hard work and dedication whose iron resolve to live and work in the movies has made her one of the first woman filmmakers from the Himalayan State. Her short film “Kitaabein” has been selected for distribution in the entertainment hub of the country, Mumbai.

ST- How was your first visit to Mumbai?

Angel- I shifted to Mumbai along with my husband in the mid of August 2015 right after two months of getting married. When people were planning their married life, I was busy planning for my career in Mumbai.

ST- Why did you shift to Mumbai?

Angel- I have had the opportunity and experience of tasting different levels of career back home in Sikkim. I was working with Multi National Companies, in hospitality sector and many other fields. Later, I realized that my forte is completely different and I wasn’t meant to do what I had been doing all this while. I started my film career with a music video called “Aama” where I had penned down the lyrics as well as the script. Later I started acting in few short films and documentaries that were telecast on Doordarshan channel. I was convinced by then that this is where I belonged. I got the opportunity of working with some of the finest and experienced actors and directors in Sikkim. Having a keen interest in writing since my childhood days, it soon became my obsession and that led me here in Mumbai.

ST- Did you face any difficulties while moving to a new city?

Angel- Shifting to Mumbai wasn’t an easy task. The struggle is real, especially when you are newly married and the responsibilities are doubled. However, I got all the support I needed from my husband, in-laws and my family members. I was thoroughly encouraged to make Mumbai as my career point. It was also a very crucial decision because Mumbai is the only place where you can grow and compete in this field. It never deceives or betrays you and as long as you have the patience and the passion to win, Mumbai treats you well. Opportunities in Mumbai are wider, hence shifting became important.

ST- How did Mumbai treat you?

Angel- Well! Mumbai is great! When it comes to support and help, I have made a lot of good friends here in Mumbai and most of them are real gems. They helped us during our bad days. They’ve been a pillar to us and it really motivated me to move forward. My husband is my biggest support and I can proudly state that.

Most people tend to forget their roots and then ignorance and arrogance layers their thoughts or maybe they are all busy with their daily chores. I got good set of friends and well wishers in Sikkim as well. Even though I was in Mumbai, I got a lot of support from my friends from Sikkim. I heartily thank them all for their love and surely when a day comes to repay, I will not step back.

ST- Could you give us a sneak peek into your new short film “Kitabein”?

Angel- Kitabein is one of the short films I perceived a long time ago and I finally ended up writing. The story came up something like this. One day, when I was coming back from my Film School, I happened to see street children draped in dirt. They were selling books, begging on the street and some even pick pocketing. I thought, wouldn’t they love to go to school? Don’t they have the right to education? I felt it’s the duty of every individual to help these children go to school and nurture their dreams. Hence, I thought why not make a short musical film on this and make people aware. I had a fantastic team with me for Kitabein. My husband, Raaz, took the responsibility of background score and sound designing and a good friend of mine, Shivam, helped me with capturing scenes and editing the same. With limited cast, Shailendra who is also a good friend of mine and Riya, we were able to complete the film.

ST- Any message for the youngsters?

Angel- I would like to convey a message to the younger generation who plan to come to Mumbai to accomplish their dreams. Please do have the patience and work hard. Do not worry or bother about the result because you learn from failure. Never be afraid to fail. Rather use it as an inspiration.