Consul General of Japan visits Kalimpong

Kalimpong, 21 Mar:

Consul General of Japan, Masayuki Taga, visited Hill Social Welfare Society [an NGO] to inspect the construction site of a project funded under Japan’s 'Grant Assistance for Grassroots Projects'. The NGO had received a grant of Rs 51,85,000 for the project.

The construction site that is located at Upper Cart Road, near Kalimpong town, is meant for building a Vocational Training, Information, and Counseling Centre where people can learn how to improve their livelihood.

Hill Social Welfare Society, on the other hand, is an NGO working for the welfare of marginalised communities since the year 2000 here in Kalimpong by organising various kinds of vocational trainings for distressed/deserted women so that they can earn a livelihood.

“We select NGOs on the basis of their needs and in terms of various other aspects. I expect Hill Social Welfare Society to fully utilise our funds for the training centre and most importantly utilise the centre which will be constructed soon,” said Mr Taga.

He further added that the NGO was doing a “good job” but they needed a specific place to concentrate the training activities which is why they had requested for the building.

Focusing on the poor employment scene in the hills as compared to other parts of the world, Mr Taga said, “Things are getting better and the unemployment scene is gradually improving. Moreover, with the assistance of skill development projects provided by the NGO, the youth can do much better. In order to do anything, one requires skills, and without skills, no one can work on anything. Skill development projects and vocational trainings are very important for a person and his family, for the community and the country as a whole.”

Mr Taga later left for a field visit from the construction site to Lapchu and Peshok where the NGO works with single women.