Not a party of outsiders, says BJP YuvaMorchaState In-charge

Gangtok, 24 Mar:

“Sikkim Democratic Front headed by Sri Pawan Kumar Chamling, can in no way stop BharatiyaJanata Party from exercising its democratic activities,” said State In-charge of BJP YuvaMorcha, LokenathChatterjee, while addressing the members and karyakartas of BharatiyaJanataYuvaMorcha at the Zonal office in Singtam today.

A BJP press release informs that MrChatterjee who is also an advocate rushed to Sikkim after being deeply aggrieved by the attack on BJP members in Namchi on 19 Mar.

MrChatterjee added, “It is the responsibility of the District Administration to maintain law and order within its jurisdiction. But it is unfortunate that the incident on 19 Marhappened in the heart of the District inNamchiwherein some 20-25 miscreants aided and abetted by unholy forces near the house of the Chief Minister and close to the local Police Station attacked the BJP rally injuring members of BharatiyaYuvaMorcha.

The ruling party is scared of the increasing popularity gained by BJP throughout the North-East including Sikkim. Hence, it is attacking BJP karyakartas in the state."

He further added, "Ours is neither a Madhesi party, nor a party of outsiders as alleged but it is truly a Bharaitya party, ruling all parts of the country.”

He further advised the youth present on the occasion to fight with dedication to establish good governance in the State.

MrChatterjeealso inaugurated the YuvaMorcha Office at Golitarin Singtam, East Sikkim. After the inauguration ceremony, the State In-charge of Youth Affairs announced the name of the District office bearers of BJYM Sikkim Pradesh.