VidyaBharati Sikkim fetes 19 students with awards and scholarship

Gangtok, 25 Mar:

VidyaBharati, Sikkim, awarded nineteen meritorious students of its schools at a function held here at the Press Club of Sikkim on Sunday.

Seventeen students were awarded with BhauraoDevrasChatraPuraskar, while two students received the Late ChintamaniDahal scholarship.

The function was chaired by VidyaBharati Sikkim president, ChultimBhutia, while Rural Management Development Department Superintending Engineer, Hari Shankar Sharma, was present as the chief guest.

In his address, MrBhutia spokebriefly about the activities and contributions made by VidyaBharati in the field of education in the State.

He stressed the need for people’s participation and contribution to educate every child. He also stated that VidyaBharati schools have been working for overall development of children all over the State.

The chief guest appreciated the works and initiatives of the organisation in the field of education in the State.

He also stated that such awards will motivate and encourage students.

Mr Sharma further encouraged VidyaBharati Sikkim to keep on motivating and educating children for a better tomorrow.

VidyaBharati Sikkim convener, Mohan Sharma, in turnshared the contributions and service of BhauraoDevras in the field of education and other areas in the country. He informed that BhauraoDevrasChatraPuraskar was started in 2005 and altogether 53 students have already received the cash award.

VidyaBharati Sikkim general secretary, Bijay Sharma, mentioned that VidyaBharati schools have been working for the overall development of children and to bring out an able and strong human resource.

On the occasion, the organisation also thanked Khem Raj Dahal for starting the LateChintamaniDahal scholarship in the memory of his late father to motivate students.