MANEKA LAVISHES PRAISE ON SIKKIM Minister wants Sikkim to take lead role in propagating Organic farm

Gangtok, 26 Mar (IPR): Union Minister for Women & Child Development, Maneka Gandhi, addressed a press conference this evening at Raj Bhawan.

Speaking to media-persons, the Minister informed that the Ministry under her charge is committed to provide all possible assistance to the State Government to strengthen and improve its Women and Child Care institutions.

When asked about her experience from field visits to various Centres today, the Minister informed that the most of the Centres were well maintained and appointed with requisite infrastructure and manpower, but have still not been able to reach out to the desired target population.

She specifically raised concern about the One-Stop Crisis Centre at Lumsey which has seen only 59 reported cases in the last one year.

She urged the media to help spread awareness and publicize this unique Centre so that more women in distress can come forward and avail the services available there.

Speaking about her meeting with the Chief Minister this morning, Ms Gandhi said that she requested the Chief Minister to offer the resources and help to convert the whole of India into an organic farming country.

“I sought his help in this regard so that everybody benefits. I will be very happy if I get help to turn at least my constituency organic to start with,” she stated.

Ms Gandhi added that she would go back and discuss with the Central Government to ask Sikkim’s technical support to impart training on Organic Farming to the rest of the States.

Commending the State Government’s initiative to go fully Organic, the Minister stated that Sikkim is the only State in the country where Organic Farming is initiated by the State Government.

The Union Minister also lauded the environmental initiatives of the State Government such as the ban on use of plastic, ban on grazing and felling of trees, and poaching of wild animals.

She also stated that the Orchids of the State have a unique identity and should be propagated and spread throughout the country. The youth should get into this field and more people should try greenhouse agriculture, she stated.

The Government of India offers numerous incentives for Green House Agriculture and hence the youth of Sikkim should explore this area, she suggested.

Asked about her general observation about Sikkim, the Minister stated that she really liked the pristine beauty and cleanliness of the place.

“The pedestrian M.G. Marg is such a good and happy idea. I wish we can implement this elsewhere,” she expressed.

When asked about the Ministry’s take on the alarming rise in human trafficking, especially from the North Eastern States, the Minister replied that under her initiative, an Anti-Trafficking Bill has been introduced in the Parliament in the current Session.

She added that the Bill in its present form is the best in the World and will give a huge respite to victims of trafficking, especially in terms of rehabilitating them.

The Minister also shared some of her personal interventions in the field of women and child development, care and protection namely Child Line, Khoya Paya, She-Box etc.

Replying to a query on the Government’s take on Rehabilitation of trafficked women who have been forced into prostitution, the Minister replied that activities like cooking, bakery etc which have been experimented in places like Pune, Maharashtra, have been successful to rehabilitate these women and have given them an opportunity to pursue a sustainable livelihood.

“If the State Government comes up with a scheme for rehabilitation of trafficked women, I will be more than happy to provide every assistance,” she stated.

On a question about the implementation of Six Months Maternity Leave Benefit to working women in Sikkim, the Minister stated that the State Government should immediately implement it. “I will speak to the Chief Minister about this and seek his intervention,” she stated.