CM’s meeting with GTA chief was in Sikkim’s interes: KT Gyaltsen

Gangtok, 28 Mar:

Sikkim Democratic Front spokesperson, KT Gyalsten, today said that the meeting between Chief Minister Pawan Chamling and GTA chief Binay Tamang was in the larger interest of the State and its people.

Speaking to the reporters this evening, Mr Gyalsten said, “As far as Sikkim’s peace, security and development are concerned, the Chief Minister is open to meeting any leader or political organization from outside Sikkim because it is for the cause of the Sikkimese people. As far as the meeting is concerned, it was a successful one in which several matters were discussed.”

He added, “Mr Binay Tamang is the appointed head of GTA so we have to respect the decision of the neighbouring government. The meeting will create a better understanding in future. We are not interested in the politics of Darjeeling, but we have to understand that the meeting was important in Sikkim’s larger security and interests.”

Speaking about the packed itinerary on the CM and SDF activities, he said, “There is not a pre-election exercise as our party has been in regular touch with the people through various programs. Our leader is everyday interacting with the people. He is a leader of a different kind. Also, SDF party is ready for elections any time”.

Speaking on Bhaichung Bhutia’s expression of interest to join Sikkim politics, he said, “Anybody can join politics, best wishes to him.”