Singtam’s old ticket counter and old bridge receive renewed attention

Singtam, 27 Mar:

Established in 1974, the ticket counter in Singtam bazaar is part of the history of the town, and a quaint piece of “architecture” which the people are familiar with and have even grown fond of over the years. This, along with the Old Bridge, constructed in 1929, are in desperate need of conservation and upkeep, a possibility imperiled by the “beautification” works underway here.

While one understands the need for urban spaces to receive facelifts and modernisation, the construction of the flyover here and the amphitheater are progressing at such a fast clip that these landmarks of Singtam could be lost.

While some might find nothing wrong with such losses, others hold a different opinion.

“The ticket counter is a part of history and had watched the passage of time here. It stands today as one of the last remnants of the era gone by. And since Singtam is moving towards beautification process, I on behalf of the association request the concerned authority to kindly take this as an appeal for renovation and maintenance of the old ticket counter. The structure could fit in well, in its own way, with the idea and devolvement of tourism in Sikkim by celebrating heritage,” shares Tinku Adhikari, president of the SMTWA.

An application with a request seeking protection and declaration of the above-mentioned spots as heritage establishments of Singtam was also submitted to the Municipal Executive Officer today, emphasizing “the importance to safeguard these pieces of history”.

The MEO, Himmat Rai, while responding to the letter, said, “We will definitely be looking into these matters because it represents the history of Singtam Bazaar and the state too.”