West Sikkim ranks 4th in health in ‘Transformation of Aspirational Districts’ initiative

Gangtok, 30 Mar:

The NITI Aayog, on Wednesday, launched the baseline ranking for 115 aspirational districts based on 49 indicators across five sectors that include health and nutrition, education, agriculture and water resources, financial inclusion and skill development, and basic infrastructure. With the latest available data from the ministries concerned, NITI Aayog has completed a baseline ranking of 101 districts.

Sikkim's West District has been ranked 4th in the health sector while overall it is ranked 30th amongst 101 districts evaluated for the baseline ranking.

However, in the agriculture sector West Sikkim comes in the bottom 20 ranking 99th out of 101 districts.

The baseline ranking would be followed by delta ranking of these districts from May 2018 based on their "incremental progress".

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had launched the ‘Transformation of Aspirational Districts’ programme in January to quickly and effectively transform some of the most underdeveloped districts of the country.

The broad contours of the programme include convergence (of central and state schemes), collaboration (of central, state level ‘Prabhari’ officers & district collectors), and competition among districts.

With states as the main drivers, this program will focus on the strength of each district, identify low-hanging fruits for immediate improvement, measure progress, and rank districts.

Under the programme, identified districts are prodded and encouraged to first catch-up with the best district within their state, and subsequently aspire to become one of the best in the country, by competing with, and learning from others.