In conversation with rapper B-HOTTIE88

Gangtok, 31 Mar:

Son of Bedan Kumar Chettri and Atari Chettri, Bebek Chettri aka B-HOTTIE88 hails from Central Pendam in East Sikkim and has been rapping his way to fame in the city of Bangalore.

A lecturer at Acharya Institute of Health Sciences, Bangalore, Bebek balances both rapping and teaching. He is a product of Tikalal Niroula Memorial Senior Secondary School in Central Pendam, and has been a tubular performer at all leading festivals in the State.

ST - How did you start?

Bebek - My journey started when I came to Bangalore. I used to rap but it was Bangalore that changed my whole life and with time, I became full time B-HOTTIE88.

ST – What inspired you to enter the world of Rap?

A – My inspiration has always been Manas Ghale [rap artist] from Nepal. However, Late Yama Buddha was the one who transformed me into a pure rapper. He taught me about all the Rap elements and the mantras of rapping the better way!

ST – Your first experience as recording artist?

A - I was scared when I did my first recording at Psalms Studio in Gangtok. It was a cover song “Kehi lagdaina” by Girish Khatiwara who is also known as the Godfather of NepHop. He had personally given me that song and I agreed to cover it. The pressure was on when I was at the studio for the first time.

ST – Your most memorable performance?

A – It would be Red Panda Winter Carnival Festival 2018. I have performed at big stages with renowned artists too but for me, the most memorable moment for was performing at my home my motherland Sikkim. The crowd was awesome. It always feels good to perform amidst known faces.

ST – Any advice for aspiring rappers?

A - Be positive! Do your work! Do not run after name and fame. When you do your work properly, fame will follow you, Always stay grounded. Be honest and work for the betterment of the society.