Sikkim Rajya Manch launches its website

Gangtok, 05 Apr:

Sikkim Rajya Manch [SRM] party president, RN Chamling, has officially launched the party's website here in Gangtok this afternoon. The party president has dedicated the website to the people of Sikkim.

SRM was formed by independent MLA, RN Chamling, on 07 Dec last year at Sreebadam in West Sikkim. It is informed that the main objective for launching the website is to take the message, programmes and activities of the party to every person of Sikkim. It is further informed that the party will now increase the pace of its activities and programmes in the State.

In his address, the party president mentioned that the party has been working at the grassroot level and that people have been joining the party.

“We have been working to bring the people of Sikkim together. We all have to work in the interest of Sikkim as Sikkimese by rising above religion and community,” he said.

Mr Chamling stated that SRM has been protesting against the injustice done to the people of Sikkim.

“I have been raising issues of the people of Sikkim in every session of the State Assembly but have not been getting satisfactory response,” he said.

He alleged that the huge debt on the State is a hindrance to proper development of Sikkim.

The party will not spare any person who has been working against the interest of Sikkim and its people, he warned.

Responding to media queries, Mr Chamling stated that the ban on import of vegetables from outside the State was implemented without proper planning which has led to the shortage of vegetables in the market. The State does not have sufficient production of vegetables, he said and demanded that the government immediately supply organic vegetables to the markets for the convenience of the people.