SKM criticizes State Govt’s ‘inadequacy’ in implementing non-organic ban

Gangtok, 05 Apr:

Sikkim Krantikari Morcha today slammed the State Government for what it has pulled up as ‘lackadaisical approach’ in the govt’s failure to provide adequate vegetables to consumers after banning the entry of non-organic products from outside the State.

SKM party working president, Navin Karki, today demanded that the State Government provide adequate vegetable supplies in the market.

Mr Karki has also asked the Horticulture Department to come up with a plan to bring down the ‘extremely high’ prices of the organic vegetables to avoid inconveniencing people and facing public backlash.

“The prices of vegetables which are available in the market are dangerously high and beyond the capacity of the middle and lower class people to afford,” he said.

Organic cauliflower is being sold at Rs 120 a kilo against Rs 20-25 for the non-organic variant, he pointed out.

Similarly, the price of beans which was sold at Rs 30 per kg previously has now rocketed to Rs 80 per kg.

The party has written a letter to the Horticulture Secretary demanding a mechanism to test organic products before making them available for sale in markets.

“We are not against the Organic Mission. We are not satisfied with the way it is being implemented and forced on the people,” Mr Karki told reporters here today.

Mr Karki further said that the agriculture sector in the State is not ready to meet the ‘ever growing’ demands of vegetables in the State.

The opposition leader further criticized the State Government’s ‘inadequacy’ in implementing the ban saying that it should have arranged proper alternative source to supply vegetables in the market.

“The ban is a torture for the people who cannot afford expensive organic vegetables and for traders whose livelihood depends on selling vegetables. Forcing people to eat what the Government thinks is good is against the fundamental rights of people and also illegal,” he added.