Traders to wait till Friday for supply of organic vegetables

GANGTOK, 05 Apr:

Traders of the State continued to raise concerns over the shortage of locally grown organic vegetables on the fifth day since the ban on import of non-organic vegetables came into force. Despite assurances from the Horticulture department, traders stated that no arrangements have been made so far.

As per the All Sikkim Traders Association, there is zero supply of organic vegetables and fruits in the markets, and it is now affecting their earnings. The Association has further said that it will wait till Friday morning for arrangements to be made, failing which they will seek other recourse.

Meanwhile, the department held a meeting today to discuss the matter and has assured the traders of making arrangements for enough supply of organic vegetables from Friday.

Speaking to SummitTimes, one of the officials from SIMFED said that they are working day and night to make all possible arrangements.

“We have identified all our sources and vehicles have been sent to collect all organic vegetables from different places and we are sure that we will be able to supply organic vegetables from Friday, that are available in the State,” said one SIMFED officer.

As per SIMFED, whatever is grown in the state and available will be arranged for the traders and public for consumption while vegetables which are seasonal and cannot be grown in the state cannot be arranged for supply.

On the other hand, the Chairperson Gangtok Municipal Corporation, Asish Rai, visited Lal Bazaar today and interacted with the traders assuring them that the Horticulture Department and SIMFED will make arrangements from Saturday and Sunday.

He urged everyone to have patience till Sunday as the Department is try to make all possible arrangements for the traders and general public.

Mr Rai also said that the decision of the state government is in the interest of all the people of Sikkim, which in the long run will benefit everyone. The government has no intention to harm the business of the traders and to cause any problem to the public, he added.


  • Traders at Lal Bazaar in Gangtok informed that they have ordered 6 trucks of Onions and Potatoes which are in the list of items permitted for import. The consignments are expected to arrive in Gangtok by Thursday night.

  • Beans and peas supplied in the market today.

  • Acute shortage of vegetables except in the organic stall.

  • Tomatoes not available even in the organic stall either.