Will not allow others to buy veggies from Singtam say local vendors

Singtam, 05 Apr:

Following the ban on import of vegetables from outside the State, vegetable vendors of Singtam Bazaar conducted an emergency meeting here at Mandi Bazaar in Singtam, East Sikkim today.

During the meet, it was decided that a co-operative society, All Singtam Vegetable Vendors Cooperative Society, will be formed in order to safeguard the interests and rights of the Nepali business community in Singtam.

“If vegetable vendors from Gangtok or outside Singtam purchase vegetables from villagers, how will we sell our produce to maintain our livelihood. On top of that, we have loans to pay,” said a representative of the cooperative society, Lata Pradhan.

However, in this regard, president of Singtam Nagar Panchayat, SK Pradhan, has ensured that no outsider vendor will be allowed to purchase vegetable produce from Singtam.

“All the concerned councilors will be keeping an eye on the vendors from outside to avoid purchase of vegetables from Singtam,” informed Mr Pradhan.

Later, Minister cum MLA Khamdong/Singtam constituency, Somnath Poudyal, paid a visit to Singtam and interacted with vegetable vendors of Singtam at the community hall of Singtam Nagar Panchayat.

During the interaction session, vendors expressed that they cannot produce enough vegetables for the State during off-season.

“Everyone is aware of the fact that the State is not well equipped to handle the ban. We cannot produce vegetables for everyone. We need all the help we can get from importers,” one of the vendors said.

“All are aware that the state today is not capable of producing adequate vegetables and in this regard the import of vegetables from Siliguri is the only option to meet the requirements,” mentioned one of the vendors to the Minister.

The interaction session was attended by the area MLA and all the councilors who were accompanied by the Upadhaksha, Sharmila Chettri, SHPO, Singtam PS, Jay Rai.