Cow dung on sale at Rs 20 per KG

Gangtok, 06 Apr:

A group of individuals from Mangan and Gangtok have come forward with an initiative to sell packaged cow dung/manure to people living in urban areas. The group sells cow dung in packets of 1 kg at Rs 20 each.

It is informed that the members of the group visit rural areas of North Sikkim near Mangan and buy cow dung from the farmers there. The cow dung is filled in packets and labelled for sale. The group distributes the packets at various shops along the North Sikkim highway and at different locations of Gangtok.

“We do not simply collect cow dung and dump them into packets. The cow dung is cleaned and dried. We mix cow urine in the cow dung and neatly pack them in the packets. Nothing else is mixed. The cow dung packets are then sent to shops in Gangtok. We started this initiative earlier this year in Jan and is in its early phase. We collect and send the packaged cow dung to shops as per their demand. Sometimes the shops want 50-60 packets per day and some days, they do not place any orders,” said a member of the group, BR Khatiwara.

He further informed that the packaged cow dung can be used for terrace farming and home gardening purposes as well.

“People living in urban areas have difficulty getting cow dung for gardening and farming purposes. This initiative of ours will ease their problem in many ways. Additionally, the farmers also get an opportunity to earn,” he added.

The packaged cow dung is sold under the brand name, “Cow Manure from the Farms of Sikkim”. Interested buyers can contact the group at 8670552465/9593271335.