SDF's 2019 election aim - 40 out 40 Assembly seats says Chamling

Gangtok, 07 Apr:

Chief Minister and Sikkim Democratic Front president, Pawan Chamling today said that the aim of his party is to win 40 out of 40 seats in the next Assembly elections. He asked party members to actively engage with the people to achieve this goal and dispel all propaganda of the opposition.

Mr Chamling chaired a meeting of the party wherein new members were inducted and senior leaders were assigned various positions within the party organisation.

On his upcoming tour to West Sikkim, he requested all to come up with genuine developmental work demands which he said will be started within 60 days.

He also informed that there are over 4000 government job vacancies in the State for those interested in traditional jobs.

Asking all party members and leaders to strictly adhere to the party ideologies, he asked the members to keep working for the State and tackle all the charges of opposition and other vested interests.

“Democracy is to empower the people,” said Mr Chamling terming himself as a ‘radical democrat’.

He also stated that the chief aim of the state government is to bring about equal opportunities among all Sikkimese and added that the party has been revolutionary in bringing about various positive changes in the Sikkimese society.

With its historic fifth term made possible by the support of the people, the State government has stood the test of time, he added.

He also urged the gathering to inculcate a scientific temper in order to make the society developed and progressive.

Speaking on the ideology of SDF, Mr Chamling said that his party stands for pluralistic, scientific society to shun identity politics.

Regarding developmental policies that should be furthered by the party members, he mentioned that sustainable development has been accepted as the new model of development in the State with Agriculture and Tourism being some of the prime sectors in which the youths and citizens can engage.

“Sustainable development is the way forward for the State, nation and the planet,” he said.

He also asked the members to avoid criticizing leaders at the Centre as both the state and the centre share a good relationship and both have been working together.

The meeting was attended by the Speaker, Cabinet Ministers, MLAs, Chairpersons, Advisors, party functionaries and members.