Lingdong School bagpipers impress all

Gangtok, 08 Apr:

The marching band of Sonam Choda Lepcha Memorial Secondary School, Lingdong, North Sikkim, is making the district proud with its clean tunes and incredible showmanship.

Formed in 2016, the band recently performed in front of Chief Minister Pawan Chamling during his visit to North Sikkim on 04 Apr to massive crowd appreciation. They have also performed in Mangan and Lingdong and can play over 100 bagpipe tunes.

The band consists of 19 members with 12 bagpipers, five drummers, one clapper and one leader.

“I am confident of my team and I know what they can do. We always perform thinking that it is our last performance. I want our band to become famous and perform in bigger events and shows. It is our desire to play in Gangtok,” band leader, Pemkit Lepcha said.