MRPs of various meat items fixed for South district

Gangtok, 09 Apr:

South district's Animal Husbandry department has fixed the Maximum Retail Price [MRP] for all meat items in the district. This was done with the approval of District Collector [South] and after due convention with District Level Committee with the growers, dealers and meat vendors, as per a press release received from the DC Office [South].

The MRP of beef has been fixed at Rs 180/kg, buff [buffalo] at Rs 250/kg, pork at Rs 200/kg and mutton/chevon at Rs 350/kg. In the category of chicken, live chicken will be sold at Rs 125/kg in farm gates and at Rs 145/kg in retail shops with dressed chicken fixed at Rs 200/kg.

For fish, the MRP of Rohu has been fixed at Rs 190/kg, Katla at Rs 250/kg, Bata at Rs 250/kg, Magur at Rs 200/kg and Pangas at Rs 170/kg.

All concerned are directed to strictly comply to the rates with a note that it is mandatory for all the meat selling agencies to display the approved rates in the rate board with digitalization of weighing scale at the designated retail shops. The same rates will apply in other towns and rural areas in South district.

Any shopkeeper found not complying with the order will have to pay penalty of Rs 5000 for first time and seizure of shop & cancellation of license for repeated offence, the release adds.