No crisis.Situation under control, says SIMFED

Gangtok, 10 Apr:

“The present status of vegetable supply in all major vegetable markets throughout the state is normal and most varieties of vegetables are available in the market,” said Managing Director of SIMFED,PawanAwasthy today.

It has been ten days since the ban on import of non organic vegetables came into force in the State and normalcy has somewhat been restored in the markets.

There was no shortage of vegetables, especially tomatoes, today and almost all varieties of locally grown organic vegetables as well as non organic tomatoes, carrot, and green chilli are available in the market as per the demand, informed the General Manager of SIMFED, Jeewan Sharma.

Onion, potatoes, beans, peas, carrot, leafy vegetables, and others were also available.

After the state administration lifted the ban on non organic tomatoes, carrot and green chillies last Saturday, SIMFED arranged for 9 metric tonnes of tomatoes. Since Friday, SIMFED has been supplying 10 metric tonnes of vegetables every day.

SIMFED has also established a temporary wholesale market at the proposed under construction organic market building situated near Denzongfatak.

Speaking to SummitTimes, PawanAwasthy, said that except very few vegetables, almost all vegetables have been made available to the traders by SIMFED.

"The state government has identified SIMFED as the marketing agency and we are working tirelessly to make sure that general public does not suffer and this is the main aim of SIMFED," he added.

This is a new thing for the state, the implementation of which may face many obstacles and challenges but it will definitely be sorted out with time, said Mr. Awasthy.

“We expect all traders, farmers and general public at large to understand the situation and help the state government’s organic mission to be successful,” he stated.

MrAwasthy also lauded the state government's decision to ban non organic vegetables and added that it is in the interest of local farmers as well as the general public.

Speaking about the challenges, Mr. Awasthy said price regulation of organic vegetables is an important aspect to be addressed at this time and the same has been communicated to the Minister, Department and all concerned authorities for consideration.

He urged farmers to provide organic produces at reasonable price which will benefit all.

Although the situation is under control, there is some shortage of few vegetable items but that should not be termed a crisis and SIMFED along with the Horticulture Department is trying to find solutions, MrAwasthy further added.

As per today’s report, there is some shortage of cabbage and beans but that will be resolved soon, he said.

SIMFED will be more focused on supply of organic vegetables but if there is any shortage of permitted non organic vegetables, that too will be addressed, it is informed.


Almost all varieties of organic vegetables available in markets.

SIMFED supplying 10 metric ton vegetables everyday since Friday.

SIMFED supplied 9 metric ton of tomatoes on Sunday.

Some shortage of cabbage and beans today.

Onion 4-5 metric ton

Potatoes 2-4 metric ton

Cabbage 4-5 metric ton

Carrot 1 metric ton supplied till Monday.