SPCC holds demonstration in Lal Bazaar against veggie ban

Gangtok, 18 Apr:

Sikkim Pradesh Congress Committee [SPCC] held a demonstration at Lal Bazaar today against the ban on import of non-organic vegetables imposed by the state government. An SPCC team led by its president, Bharat Basnet, wore black masks, and with hands tied with chains toured the vegetable market at Kanchenjunga Shopping Complex.

Mr Basnet criticized the state government for the ban, which he said, deprives people of their basic human rights since it forced not only shortage but also much more expensive purchases.

He alleged that it is ‘injustice and suppression’ of the freedom and fundamental rights of the people in the State.

While criticizing the government for burying seized non-organic vegetables at Majhitar, he said, “Not vegetables but humanity was buried that day.”

He asserted that if the Government really wants to enforce the ban then it should provide subsidy to make organic vegetables affordable for all people.

Mr Basnet further said that establishing an organic market at Gangtok will not fulfill the demand of the entire State.

“We have already survived 18 days of the ban but there is no substantial technological evidence or test to prove that the produce being sold right now is organic,” he said.

He alleged that it is just propaganda by the state government to fulfill vested interests and gain publicity.

Mr Basnet further said that if the state government is sincere in the mission then it should have an authentic certification agency to certify the soil and produce of the State.

He also asserted that the government should withdraw its notification on the ban. He also urged the people to understand their fundamental rights.

SPCC announced another demonstration in front of the Mahatma Gandhi Statue at M.G Marg on Thursday.