State Govt has nothing to do with SU complex construction: SU

Gangtok, 18 Apr:

Sikkim University, in a press release, has said that construction of its campus is under the University Grants Commission and has nothing to do with the state government.

This is in response to recent allegations made by opposition parties against the State Government regarding the delay in completion of Sikkim University campus at Yangang.

“Though we appreciate the concern regarding campus construction, Sikkim University is not a State University but a Central University established by an Act of Parliament. Construction of campus at Yangang depends on the flow of funds from the Central Government through University Grants Commission (UGC) to the University for the purpose. State Government has nothing to do with Campus Construction or release of grants to Sikkim University,” SU has clarified.

Bharatiya Janata Party Sikkim Pradesh had previously accused the state government of ‘negligence and irresponsibility’ regarding the delay in construction of Sikkim University complex at Yangang.