Kalimpong Craft Training center inaugurated at Pedong

Kalimpong, 19th April

In order to revive the old glory of Kalimpong Arts and Crafts, Kalimpong-based social organization, Mani Trust, has taken the initiative under the Pahal of Employment opportunity for sustainability livelihood in collaboration of West Bengal Khadi and Village Industry Board and opened Kalimpong Crafts training center in different parts of the Hills here.

Thus far, 15 such centers have been inaugurated in the Darjeeling Hills and today, the 16th such center was inaugurated at Pedong.

This centre is different from rest in that it is the first carpet weaving centre.

The idea behind the project is to make women self-reliant through financially independence. The Centre was inaugurated in the presence of Subash M Singh, Chairperson of Mani Trust.

Here, around 40 trainees with be taught carpet weaving by two specialist teachers brought in from Nepal. The women will also be provided a stipend of Rs 3,000 per month