Sikkim's international athletes join hands to support emerging talent

Gangtok, 20 Apr:

International sportspersons from Sikkim have come together to form All Sikkim International Athletes Association [ASIAA] to encourage and help young athletes of the State fulfill their aspirations to represent the country in international events.

The official announcement of the formation of ASIAA and introduction of its executive committee members was made in a press conference here today.

The committee has Olympian Tarundeep Rai and Ganesh Subba as advisors, Amar Subba as president, Pema Dorjee Bhutia and Sushmita Rai as vice-presidents, Arun Gurung as general secretary, Bhim Subba as treasurer, Phurba Sherpa as assistant treasurer, Navin Kumar Pradhan as organising secretary and Prakash Basnet as assistant organising secretary.

Addressing the press conference, ASIAA general secretary, Arun Gurung informed that the first meeting between international athletes of the State was held on 10 Dec last year, which discussed various issues and decided to come together to form ASIAA.

“We have struggled a lot in our respective fields while representing the country in several international competitions. Our primary objective is to provide financial and moral support to athletes who qualify for international competitions in future,” ASIAA president, Amar Subba said.

He further added that the ASIAA will also work to guide and motivate young athletes of the State.

“We hope to use our experiences and exposures to guide and motivate young generation to move ahead with their passion,” Mr Subba said.

ASIAA vice-president, Sushmita Rai mentioned that athletes need financial support while representing the country in international platforms.

“Many promising athletes have stepped down due to financial problems,” she added.

She further informed that ASIAA would work to convince private companies in the State to come forward and support local sportspersons in fulfilling their aspirations to represent India in international platforms.