CM reaches BermiokGyalshing in West, urges youths to explore entrepreneurship opportunities

Gyalshing, 22 Apr (IPR): The 11th day of the 32-day public outreach campaignof the Chief Minister, the Jan SevaAbhiyan,reached BermiokGyalshingconstituency in West Sikkim today.

The Chief Minister wasaccompanied by Ministers, MLAs, ZillaPanchayats, Head of Departments and officials from different departments.

The event, coinciding with International Earth Day, the Chief Minister spoke on different government initiatives being implemented in the State to make Sikkim a‘nature’s hub and an ecological paradise’.

He spoke about the government’s decision to ban plastic bags, firecrackers,use of firewood and the State-wide organic mission which, he said, have made Sikkim ‘environment friendly’.

The CM, while addressing the people of Bermiok-Gyalshing constituency,said they held all power in Sikkim and should work together with the government in making Sikkim a model State.

Addressing the gathered students, the Chief Minister urged them to be good human beings and keep up with the ‘ever-evolving, technology-dominated world’.

“I want all the students of Sikkim to be technologically sound and updated while at the same time being grounded,” he added.

He also informed the youths about the Chief Minister’s Startup Loan and urged them to explore entrepreneurship opportunities in the State and avail the scheme provided they work hard and honestly.

Speaking on the demands put forward by the public, the Chief Minister declared that the Bermiok-Martam Secondary School and Bedong Primary School will be upgraded to Senior Secondary and Junior High School level respectively.

Also, the construction of guest house at Bojey was sanctioned by the Chief Minister.

Similarly, all needed infrastructure and developmental requirements like roads, drinking water facilities, electricity and others will be provided phase-wise and on priority basis, the Chief Minister assured.