In conversation with R&B/Hip-Hop crew, EMC Nistachar…

Gangtok, 07 May:

EMC Nistachar has been a constant figure in the R&B/Hip-Hop music scene of Sikkim. In spite of all the struggles, they have come up with many songs which have made them regulars in the State.

In conversation with Summittimes, one of the members of EMC Nistachar, Karan Rai, shared their big plans while expressing their focus on creating a space for themselves at homeground as a priority.

ST – Tell us about your first experience in the field of music?

N – I started my first crew as EMC Boys. Since I was the only one in the group to be serious about opting music as a career, I left the crew and formed EMC Nistachar with my two other likeminded friends. The rest is history. I have gained new experiences through EMC Nistachar and have learnt many life lessons.

ST – Your first song?

N – We started our journey with our first song “Dhani Garib”. It was our very first venture as EMC Nistachar.

ST – Do you feel appreciated in Sikkim?

N – To be honest about it, there is a lot of partiality and being appreciated of our efforts still feels like a struggle.

ST – How has the journey of bringing up a song and a video been so far?

N – Coming up with a video is the hardest part with the uncertainty of the weather here. Like during the shoot of one of our songs named “Bedhana”, the video concept included a sunny day but on reaching our shoot location, it started raining and we had to change the entire concept and location as well. By the time we reached our next location, our camera was dead and it took us extra two hours to finally complete the shoot. We are just glad that the video came out well and was appreciated by many after its release.

ST – How has the response been till date?

N – The response has been going good. The success of this video has only increased hopes of our hard work and dedication being noticed and well appreciated by viewers. We have garnered good feedback and comments on the video.