CM assures LimbooTamang seats in Assembly soon

Gyalshing, 8 May:

“All the opposition parties will come together against the Sikkim Democratic Front in the coming election. The Sikkim Democratic Front will fight the election singlehandedly. The national and regional opposition parties will be active in the state with political agendas based on caste and religion, the SDF party functionaries should work with renewed vigour to strengthen the party from all aspects. Forces bent on destroying the integrity of Sikkim for political gains must not be welcomed in Sikkim", Chief Minister PawanChamling said. He was addressing the party workers at a programme organized by the party today here at Geyzing community hall.

Speaking further Chief Minister urged the party cadres to work committedly for betterment of the party. He said that party's functionaries must be active for propagation of party's ideologies, agendas to the people. He added that party cadres must work to bridge the spaces between party and the people. “The election is just a year away. So the party workers must work with priorities to strengthen our party. They should inform and aware the people about inclusive and pro people agendas of the party and they must work in tandem keeping aside the personal differences while serving the party”, Chief Minister added.

Lambasting the opposition parties of the state he said that all the opposition political parties are the parties bent on destroying Sikkim, opposition political forces with vested political interests will not fulfil the aspirations of Sikkimese people. "Many parties in the state are being run by political masters from outside the state. They try to misguide the people in the name of caste and religions. People should remain aware of such parties which can disturb the peaceful environment of Sikkim. People should not welcome communal forces in the state", Chamling added.

Speaking briefly on all the aspects and issues of the state Chief Minister said that Sikkim has witnessed comprehensive development under the SDF led state government, under SDF rule people are enjoying essence of development and democracy in the state. Development of sectors like education, economy, agriculture and others have been ensured well in the state', he explained.

Chamling informed that under SDF regime Sikkim has seen almost 5500 times of improvement in terms of development. He shared that progress and development happened under the SDF are evidence of uncorrupted and good governance. He also spoke about improvement achieved in the human development index by the state along with living standard of the people.

He mentioned that under SDF led government the democratic, religious, social and political rights of people have been secured. "SDF is not only a political party but an organization of the Sikkimese people. We have the support of the common people who understands the agendas and idealism of our party", said Chief Minister.

He ascertained that aspirations of the people will be fufilled by the SDF.

He further added that democracy and secularism are well maintained in the state. Unlike some other states of the country we have not witnessed religious intolerance in Sikkim, acts of vandalism of religious centres are unheard in Sikkim and nobody has lost life in the name of religion. We must keep alive the essence of unity and communal harmony. People should not politicalise the religions as such political designs pave the way for religious insecurity and communal disharmony and endanger the social fabric, he added.

Chief Minister terming politics as science said that science advocates the truth. He added that SDF party's politics is based on truth and people centric policies. He urged the party functionaries to reach out to the common people with agendas and idealisms of the SDF party. He urged the party workers leading the different fronts of the party to work collectively for the welfare of the party.

Chamling added that personal ambitions like securing high posts and powerful positions should never be the reason to join politics. Rather, the main reason for becoming a politician should be to serve the people and the State. Being patient is the key to becoming a good politician along with readiness to serve the people in toughest conditions. Our Party functionaries should remember that we have always believed in inclusive politics, inclusive democracy and secularism. Such guiding ideology and principle of the SDF Party has ensured that there is no discrimination of any kind based on caste or religion, he said.

Chief Minister reiterated that very soon LimbooTamang communities will have reserved seats in the State Legislative Assembly. Stating that the seat reservation issue is pending with the central governmentChamling said that LimbooTamang communities should not fall prey to politics of intimidation and provocations.

Saying that the SDF led government has worked committedly for the welfare of all the communities Chief Minister urged the people to avoid being misguided by the negative forces. He added that integrity of people is necessity of the hour to take Sikkim on the path of prosperity.

Chief Minister asserted that demands placed by the people regarding development of the state during his west Sikkim tour will be fulfilled within two months.