Six SPCC party members resign, says Central Committee ‘overlooked’ their requests

Gangtok, 09 May:

Six Sikkim Pradesh Congress Committee [SPCC] party members sent their resignation letters to All India Congress Committee President, Delhi today over the ‘failure’ of Congress Central Committee in New Delhi to help grant tribal status to the eleven left out Nepali communities on the basis of Sikkim Subject Certificate instead of caste, failure to restore the ‘lost’ Nepali assembly seats and ignoring their request to protect Article 371F by providing Limboo-Tamang seats from the existing 32 seats in the State Assembly.

They have sent their resignation letter stating that they are resigning from the party with effect from 09 May.

Among the resigning members are- SPCC vice president, Tara Shrestha, general secretary, Punya Koirala, president [south], M.B. Rai along with party members, P.D. Lepcha, Lhendup Lepcha and Ranjit Gajmer.

In a joint press statement, the resigning members said that the Congress Central Committee in New Delhi ‘did not heed to the issues raised by SPCC’.

“Our requests were overlooked by the Congress high command and thus we are resigning from the party as our protest,” said Tara Shrestha in the press statement.