Makers of Dhokbu announce sequel ‘Dhokbu2’

Dzongu, 13 May:

Following the success of “Dhokbu”, makers of the award-winning film are now moving forward with a sequel.

Lhakpa Lepcha and Kikee D. Bhutia are attached to reprise their roles, with Dawa Lepcha returning to direct the second installment as well.

The sequel was officially announced in a function held at Lingdong in Upper Dzongu, North Sikkim today.

Director, Dawa Lepcha thanked the public for supporting the first movie which went on the garner praises and awards from national and international film fraternity.

The sequel will be derived from the folklores and myths of the land with a modern theme, it is informed.

Dhokbu-The Keeper’ is a Sikkimese feature film which was released in March last year. Directed and produced by Dawa, the 88-minute film was well received by the people in Sikkim. The film, shot in Dzongu in North Sikkim, revolves around the mythological figure of Dhokbu, the guardian of Dzongu wilderness.