Panchayats to ensure SDF victory in assembly polls: Chamling.50 lakhs to 1 crore tender in Gram Panc

Jorethang, 14 May:

Chief Minister PawanChamling commenced the South-West league of his 32-day village to village tour under Jan SamparkaAbhiyan from Pipalay under Zoom Salghari Constituency at the playground of Pipalay Secondary School today. He was accompanied by SLA Speaker, KN Rai, Area MLA cum Minister, AKGhatani, Cabinet Ministers, Chairmans, Advisors, Headof Departments, public, panchayats and students at large.

At the onset, the CM accompanied by the dignitaries laid the foundation stone for the construction of additional infrastructure of a 50-bedded hospital atJorethang CHC premises.

Addressing the gathering,MrChamling spoke in brief about the aim and objective of Jan SamparkaAbhiyan which he said is to understand issues and problems at the grass root level for developments to get underway and to positively elevate the socio-economic status of the populace in every constituency of Sikkim.

He highlighted how the State Government has brought about quality progression in terms of infrastructure development, women empowerment, preserving of literature and assured that the state government will consistently strive to work in the interest of the public even in the coming days.

“When we first came to power in 1994, we immediately worked towards ensuring food security for the people of Sikkim. We lowered the prices of food grains, distributed 35 kg of rice for free on a monthly basis. Our government distributed free uniforms, text books and exercise copies to students in schools. While earlier the State faced issues of shortage of food grains, after our government came into power, that problem was solved too,” said MrChamling.

Addressing the traders of the State, MrChamling said, “We have issued Residential Certificatesand trade licenses for traders. After completing my 32-day tour of Sikkim, I will be conductinga session with them and distribute GCI sheets and pressure cookers for the poor sections of the business community.”