SDF alleges Sangha MLA of misleading the centre

GANGTOK, 14 May: Sikkim Democratic Front party has suggested SKM Sangha MLA, Sonam Lama on behalf of Sikkimese people not to glib and play with sensitive demands of the people of Sikkim in centre. The ruling party has alleged that SKM MLA has been repeatedly placing the fabricated misleading subjects to the Central Government in Delhi on the sensitive political subjects of Sikkim. While strongly condemning the act of the SKM MLA, the ruling party has asserted that the press statement of Sangha MLA issued on Sunday alleging the SDF Government for not placing the issue of Limboo-Tamang seat reservation properly was totally false and conspiring statement.

A press release issued by SDF Spokesperson, Bhim Dahal stated that after getting the tribal status the State Government has placed the demand of the seat reservation for Limboo and Tamang for numerous times to the Centre and it is presently under the consideration of the Home Ministry but Sangha MLA has conveniently and shamelessly not tried to understand this fact deliberately. The release mentioned that SKM MLA should know that when the State Government was pursuing the issue of seat reservation for Limboo and Tamang seriously the then BJP state president, HR Pradhan filed a case in the Supreme Court and this issue remained sub-judice till January 2015. The release added that the people of Sikkim are well known to the fact that the SDF President, the Chief Minister Pawan Chamling placed this demand to the Prime Minister, Home Minister and other concerned Ministries and agencies in the Centre in strong manner. Sonam Lama should remember that the CM has again placed this along with other three demands to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 18 January 2016 at Chintan Bhawan which was witnessed by the people of Sikkim, the release added.

The release further stated that SDF party was surprised on the act of Sonam Lama to take the credit on Karmapa visit to Sikkim. The release mentioned that the Centre has granted this permission due to immense efforts of SDF leader Pawan Chamling so Sonam Lama should not act smart as it was not suitable for him to act over from the constituency he was representing.

The ruling party pointed out that Sangha MLA has also overacted in the issue of seat reservation for Nepali communities of Sikkim. The release informed that Sangha MLA should understand that SDF has placed the demand of seat reservation for 11 left out communities of Sikkimese Nepali, Rai, Gurung, Bahun, Chettri, Newar, Mangar, Thami, Mukhia, Sanyashi, Yakha-Dewan to the Centre and is presently under the consideration and has the concrete programme for seat reservation. On the same, Sangha MLA has deliberately tried not to understand this fact.