CM should retire if he fails to reserve L&T seats before 2019 election: SKM

Gangtok, 15 May:

Sikkim KrantikariMorcha party has strongly refuted various allegations made by SDF spokesperson, BhimDahal, on SKM Sangha MLA, Sonam Lama. The party asserted that the Constitution of the country has given the right to every people’s representative irrespective of any party to raise voice and place demands at the Centre and other agencies.

Addressing a press conference here today, SKM spokesperson, Jacob Khaling, has suggested MrDahal to properly study the Constitution of India and other related acts before giving any statement to avoid insulting Sikkimese people. He mentioned that Sangha MLA has placed only genuine and concerned demand of the people of Sikkim at the Centre in his one-week visit to Delhi.

“Before making mockery of Sangha MLA, it is more important for SDF party to think seriously on why it has failed to fulfill the demands of Sikkimese people in his last 24 years of the government,” he stressed.

He alleged that SDF government has failed to place demands and issues effectively and seriously at the Centre.

MrKhaling also lashed out on SDF party and its spokesperson for making misleading and false statements on Limboo&Tamang seat reservation issue. He stated that SDF has also taken false credit for the tribal status to Limboo&Tamang as it was done by the earlier government.

“The Chief Minister should stick with his words to take retirement from politics if his government fails to reserve seats for Limboo&Tamang before 2019 election instead of pointing at the Centre failing to do so,” he added.

MrKhaling refuted the allegation made by MrDahal on Sangha MLA of taking credit for Karmapa’s visit to Sikkim. On the same, he stated that Sangha MLA has not taken any credit but the people have appreciated his efforts and hardwork for taking this issue to its logical end.

“SDF government played the role of villain indelaying the Karmapa’s visit to Sikkim,” he alleged.

He mentioned that SDF government had sent a letter to the Centre on 24 May in 1997 along with annexure which alleged that the Karmapa OgyenTrinleyDorje was a Chinese spy. On the same, he added that this letter had stopped the Karmapa to visit Sikkim till date.

“But we have fulfilled our promise made in 2014 election manifesto to get permission for the Karmapa to visit Sikkim without coming into the power,” MrKhaling said.

He also alleged that SDF has never mentioned the name of Karmapa in its manifestos till date.

He alleged that the ruling party has been using the Sikkimese Nepali issue to play with the