Rajiva S Shresta releases new book on Sikkim and the Newars

Gangtok, 16 May:

On the occasion of the Mother’s Day, and to celebrate 50 years of his first book, “Saral Jiva Vigyan” [1968], Rajiva Shanker Shresta has released another book on Sikkim and the Newars, “Sikkim – Our Newfound Home in the Black Hill: Newars – Here and There”, in the memory of Muma Karuna Devi at Rachna Books in Gangtok on 13 May, a press release informs.

Known for his monumental work, “Sikkim: Three Decades towards Democracy – Evolution of the Legislative System” [2005] and “The Newars World~Wide – Connecting the Dots: Sikkim” [2016], the present one is devoted to The Black Hill (Rhenock) from where the author hails and spends in retreat.

Besides documenting the days there, the book also includes some rare photographs to make the book informative, the release adds.

Commemorating the World Newah Day 2018 Nepal, the book gives a glimpse of World Newah Organization [WNO] functionaries and the declaration made (translated by the author) to benefit all the readers.