Hamro Sikkim Party to be launched by end-May in West Sikkim, Bhaichung confirms “No alliance with BJ

Gangtok, 20 May:

Hamro Sikkim Party founding member, Bhaichung Bhutia, today informed that the party will be formally launched in the State by the end of this month.

About the venue of the launch, all that Mr Bhutia will say for now is that the party will be launched in West Sikkim.

Talking about the hurdles in organizing the event, Mr Bhutia alleged that the State Government is “causing unnecessary difficulties” for the party to acquire event and venue permissions from the administration.

“We don’t understand why the State Government is creating hindrances for us to launch HSP. We are a new party and they should not be scared of us yer,” Mr Bhutia said.

“If the government does not disturb or create hurdles, we are expecting 15,000-20,000 people at the launch event,” he further informed.

“There has been a lot of positive feedback from the people and people want a change in Sikkim,” he adds.

He mentioned that preparations are proceeding very well and that the people are excited to witness the launch of Hamro Sikkim Party.

Asked if any prominent politicians or faces will joining the HSP during the launch, Mr Bhutia said that there are some surprises in store after the party is officially launched in Sikkim.

“Many SDF supporters will also join HSP after the launch,” he added.

Mr Bhutia also informed that he is trying his best to bring one or two Bollywood stars to the launch programme along with the national media.

“We are working hard for the launch programme. I have travelled to some of the most remote places in the State to understand what they need,” he further said.

Mr Bhutia informed that he and members of Hamro Sikkim Party are working hard for the launch programme.

“In the last one and half month, I have travelled to the interiors of Sikkim and ten times more than the Chief Minister who is also touring the State,” he said.

Asked why he chose to join politics in Sikkim, Mr Bhutia said, “People here think that politics is a dirty game. That is the first response I get when I talk to people here. In fact, politics in Sikkim is becoming dirty. My intention behind joining politics is to motivate the youth and the good people to come forward to join politics. It is not right to just complain about politics being a dirty game.”

He further called upon the youth of the State to come forward and change the politics in Sikkim.

“Make sure you have clean principles and do not join politics for personal benefit or for the benefit of your family,” he advised.

Regarding the statement of State BJP president, DB Chauhan on a pre-poll alliance with HSP, Mr Bhutia countered, “BJP is an ally with only one party in Sikkim which is the ruling SDF party. The SDF is an alliance of the NDA led by BJP at the Centre and a member of NEDA led by the BJP in the northeastern region. How can any other political party of Sikkim then be an ally with BJP in this scenario? Till the BJP and SDF do not break their alliance, no party including Hamro Sikkim Party can even think of any alliance with BJP.”

“The State BJP president should be aware of this and I don’t understand why he speaks of alliance with other parties in Sikkim,” he said.

Mr Bhutia also responded to the repeated statements of Chief Minister Pawan Chamling that opposition parties in Sikkim have roots outside the State.

“We must understand that SDF is in the NDA and NEDA also. They are also having relationship with parties outside the State. People of Sikkim are not fools; they know who the outsiders in Sikkim are,” he responded.

“Hamro Sikkim Party is not an outside party. Also, Sikkim is a part of India. What is the Chief Minister trying to say by outsider party? Are the other political parties in Sikkim from India or from other countries?” he queried.