Rehab centres are not the only solution, proper counseling is: DrRasaily

Singtam, 19 May:

“Simply sending an individual to a rehab centre is not the only solution to helping him/her fight substance abuse,” says nodal officer of District Mental Health Cell, Singtam District Hospital, DrSatishRasaily.

Expressing concern over the rising cases of mental health disorders caused due to alcohol and/or substance abuse in recent few years amongst the youth, DrRasaily informs that proper counseling and careis the first positive step towards fighting the issue.

“We, at Mental Health Cell in Singtam Hospital, have been working tirelessly to spread awareness on the importance of counselingtreatment. Simply sending him/her to a rehab centre may sometimes backfire as people with substance abuse problems are more often in denial of their problems.Sometimes just talking to someone away from your family or friends and who is trained in listening and supporting young people can be easier,” he adds.

Addressing substance abuse problems and mental health issues among students, DrRasaily stressed that sending them to a rehab centre will not only hamper their studies but will also lower their self-esteem.

“With proper counseling and timely check-ups, young patients can recover better in a more confidential manner,” DrRasaily adds.

It may be mentioned here, DrRasaily has also created a Facebook community page, “GrameenManasikSwasthaAbhiyan”,through which individuals fighting mental health disorders or substance abuse can approach and interact with him for help and support.